The Team

Our team at London Guitars has worked with legendary players such as Jeff Healey, Tom Cochrane, Steven Page, and Ian Thornley, as well as touring with internationally renowned bands like The Barenaked Ladies, Kittie, Blu Bones and more. Come in and meet the guys that have traveled the world while working at the top of their profession, and have them string up your guitar while you listen to their road stories about some of the greats.

Boris first picked up the guitar when he was 12 years old. He has performed professionally for decades playing both lead and rhythm guitar. Boris' 30 years performing include tours with everyone from Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, Cry of Love and more. He has also been a guitar tech for ten years, most recently with Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies), Les Stroud (Survivorman), Kittie, and others. In addition to touring around the country and around the world, Boris also started a recording studio ten years ago, and recorded albums for Chris Hart and Eleanor Grand. He is also currently wrapping up and album for Detroit?s Painted Dogs Band, using his Pro Tools based rig. Boris loves all guitars, but his favourites will always be Stratocasters.

Since 1996 Bungie has been touring the world as a guitar/backline tech (roadie) for some of the finest musicians our country has to offer. The late Jeff Healey, Tom Cochrane, Ian Thornley and most recent Kevin Hearn of BNL to name a few. From country to jazz, rock to metal, guitar players have trusted their instruments and rigs to me to make the best performance possible. Whether it be the local bar or a stadium your instruments and gear need to be tip top to enhance the experience for all!

Stan's first paid bass gig was when he was 11 years old at the Empire Hotel in his home town of North Bay. The gig was with a 50s/60s cover band and he had only been playing bass for about a year; for working bands in North Bay in the mid 70s, them choice of bass players was, to say the least, limited so Stan got the gig. He has played pretty much every weekend in his life from that point on. The band took him under their wing and provided countless lessons on playing his instrument, and how to deal with drunken Northern folk...equally valuable lessons. His playing style has quite a range and he has recorded and played with all styles of bands - country, blues, metal, and both "Classic" and "Jurassic" rock. (see what we did there?) He has recording and played with: Helix, Bobnoxious, Chris Hart , The Trailer Park Boys, Marshall Dane, Bill Durst, The Buffalo Brothers, any many , many others, as well as TV show scores, and radio and television commercials.


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